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Work Out Your Brain As Hard As You Do Your Body

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You’ve opened your bag at the gym. You’ve forgotten your water bottle.

You get to the car to drive to the golf course. You left your keys in the house.

You see a familiar face at a cocktail party. You can’t remember their name as they approach.

Concerned? Of course. But these are all normal parts of age-related cognitive decline[1]. Like the rest of your body, your brain changes as you get older. Gradually increasing forgetfulness comes with it.

But these more serious issues could be next:

  • Chronic forgetfulness
  • Inability to make decisions or plan simple project tasks
  • Increasing impulsiveness or poor judgment.

If you or your loved ones notice this, you may be experiencing cognitive decline, or have mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Those with MCI have a significantly increased risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes or reduced blood flow to the brain[2]. Serious in and of themselves, they can also lead to rapid physical decline from an increased risk of injury as well as higher stress and anxiety.

Work Out Your Brain  As Hard As You Do Your Body

Cognitive decline and its effects are avoidable. Early action can reverse or even prevent it. Cognitive tests are readily available. They are easy to take and can show you and your doctor how to improve cognitive health on your journey toward overall wellness.

Because Health’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health by connecting with, educating and inspiring our audience toward health and longevity. “We offer a lifestyle approach, where we can measure and demonstrate improved cognitive performance,” says Dr. Lars Boman, CEO of Because Health. “As patients get older, with multitasking in the office, increasing demands on work and home life, particularly with many people now working from home, it’s harder to keep track of things, leading to even higher levels of stress and emotional burnout. There are actions we can take that support brain health, short- and long- term.”

Cognitive testing at Because Health is a relatively simple interactive set of challenges to assess different functions of the brain. It provides insight into activities including:

  • Short-term Memory Recall
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Judgement
  • Focus & Attention
  • Pattern Recognition

In turn, test data helps you develop a diet, mind-work and supplement regimen for peak mental performance.

“When my patients come back for regular evaluations, they’re stunned,” said Dr. Boman. “They see their brain performance and speed increase in just a short period of time. They understand that they are getting their brain in shape just as they do their bodies.

The mind-body connection is proven[3]. Mental training for peak performance is essential to increasing longevity. We’ve collected a wealth of information about your brain. Your memory, thoughts and attitude affect your physical well-being – and vice versa. Because Health’s cognitive tests are available for anyone who wants to improve now.

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