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Forgetting Something? Or Is It More Serious? Test your Cognitive Function

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Have you ever forgotten your keys?

Walked into a room forgetting what you went there for?

Took a little longer to remember the name of a family friend?

If so, you’ve experienced normal age-related cognitive decline.

Have you (or others) noticed a decrease in your sharpness, memory, mood or problem-solving? You may have mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI can lead to a host of serious mental and physical issues. It is preventable and reversible in many cases, if identified at an early stage. Cognitive performance testing with Because Health will tell you your current level of mental fitness.

Warning Signs of MCI

MCI is a condition between what is expected age-related cognitive ability and the more serious decline of dementia.

You may have MCI if your forgetfulness becomes a repeated pattern. You often forget important appointments. You lose your train of thought in conversation, while reading or watching a movie. Decision-making and task planning becomes a struggle. You get lost in familiar places. These are early warning signs of a potentially bigger issue.

Many doctors diagnose MCI based on these criteria:

  • You have problems with memory or another mental function
  • You've declined over time
  • Your overall mental function and daily activities aren't affected
  • Your diagnosis is not dementia
  • Cognitive testing shows a mild level of impairment for your age/education

MCI Effects on Brain and Body

MCI affects the brain, but it can also impair bodily functions. Depression and serious memory loss lead to a decline in maintaining healthy diet and exercise. Anxiety and stress caused by MCI can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and gastrointestinal issues.

How to Test for MCI

“As we age, we have a growing interest in preserving Brain Health,” said Dr. Lars Boman, board-certified Medical Director of Because Health.  “There’s a heightened concern about avoiding the trap of cognitive decline and dementia. We’ve witnessed too many disheartening results with our parents and other loved ones. There is no successful medial therapy for dementia.”

“However,” he continues, “there are things we can do now that can impact long- and short-term brain health.”  

“Cognitive testing challenges different functions of the brain,” said Dr. Boman. “We offer several different tests that can answer the simple question, ‘How is my brain working?’ Short-term recall. Problem-solving. Repetitive tasks. Untangling or identifying patterns.”

MCI and brain performance issues are identified in patients using advanced cognitive testing that we offer at our Longevity Clubs.

Your first cognitive test will help set a baseline for your current mental state. If mild impairment is present, one of our specialists can work with you to develop a personalized diet and physical exercise plan, as well as exercises for your brain. Some of these exercises are complex while others involve simple outdoor activities that challenge certain parts of your brain.

This is a core value at Because Health: taking personal responsibility to make healthy lifestyle choices, with support from our medical team, empowering you to reduce the risk of disease and create your optimal health.

What Are the Tests and How Do They Work?

Each test requires you to answer a series of questions and/or do easy tasks. They are designed to aid in the assessment of mental functions such as language and object identification. Cognitive testing for memory loss is a critical element.

Tests diagnose issues with brain activity that affects almost every aspect of your life:

  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Focus & Attention
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Ability to learn new things
  • Judgment
  • Self-awareness

How to test cognitive function on our proprietary tablet-based system - relatively simple. It involves a verbal/written test which requires no special preparation and presents no risks.

Cognitive tests cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the impairment. However, with the help of your doctor and depending on your goals, they can help determine if you need to get additional testing, or take corrective action, or be referred to another specialist.

What Can the Results Mean For You?

Research suggests that early cognitive intervention prevents up to 33% of dementia cases. This leads to improved quality of life and prolonged longevity. Because Health’s fast and easy-to-take cognitive assessments for patients help detect impairment earlier and improve performance.

If your test results are abnormal, this can indicate your memory is declining or other mental impairment. Memory and other mental functions in people with MCI may change over time, with or without treatment. Tests taken regularly can help track your progress.

Many cognition issues improve after treatment and some are resolved completely. Other types of cognitive impairment are incurable. However, in some cases, healthy lifestyle changes can assist to postpone mental decline.

Can It Truly Help Reverse Issue With Cognition?

Data from cognitive testing only helps when you take corrective actions recommended by knowledgeable brain health specialists - including nutrition, physical fitness, supplementation of indicated, and brain exercises - and the results are real.

Dr. Boman remarks that his patients are always surprised when they come back for annual evaluations. “They can see that their brain performance, brain functions and speed actually increase in just a year's time.” Dr. Boman says that his patients are accustomed to seeing physical results from following a diet and exercise regimen, whereas in this case, “the brain is actually getting in shape.”

Of all the tests to keep your whole body at peak performance, cognitive testing is the simplest. There is no preparation, no studying, no special clothing requirements. Answer some questions on our devices. In short time you will know how to keep your brain as fit as your body.

Find out more about how Because Health’s cognitive tests work, or schedule an appointment today.

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