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What To Expect During And After Cognitive Testing

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You attack your work as an athlete attacks the field. You’re determined to keep your brain at peak mental performance. 

In sports, the physical journey is measured using a scoreboard, clock, and the competition. You need a similar metric to test your cognitive performance. Cognitive testing provides a baseline and performance indicators of mental health along the way.

The pace of modern American life has had unfortunate effects on our health, leading to many chronic problems, including an increased chance of early onset dementia. Our specialists at Because Health use cognitive performance testing to develop a plan that maximizes your brain health. 

Your Cognitive Test Experience

Before testing

No need to avoid wearing certain clothing or jewelry that may interfere with other medical exams like an MRI or CT-scan. Cognitive testing is a written and verbal test that just requires time and attention.

The test itself

A Because Health specialist will escort you to a private area in one of our longevity clubs. You’ll be set up with a tablet device that gives you a series of short, simple interactive challenges to assess different functions of the brain. Testing provides insight into your baseline executive function as well as other areas of mental acumen, including:

  • Decision Making
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Self-Awareness

Test results are immediate. The data helps you and your doctor develop a diet, mind-work and supplement regimen for you to feel like your peak mental performance age again. 

How accurate is cognitive testing?

The test is very accurate and able to detect a condition called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). 

Memory and other mental functions in people who develop MCI will decline over time, but early onset MCI is subtle enough not to be noticed in daily life. It needs to be discovered early for treatment to be effective.

MCI can be treated and reversed.

Cognitive testing is beneficial when taken early and regularly. Working from your baseline result, you can see improvement in cognitive function across your life, in various areas, such as:

  • Memory recall
  • Job performance
  • Stress management
  • Mood and lowered anxiety
  • Motivation to exercise and complete tasks

Longevity benefits include: 

  • Low to no risk of dementia
  • Lowered risk of illness or injury that cognitive decline can cause

How to use cognitive performance test scoring

One of our knowledgeable brain health specialists will work with you to achieve your performance goals by developing a plan— including nutrition, physical fitness, supplementation of indicated area of improvement, and brain exercises. Based on your baseline results, and measured repeatedly over time, cognitive performance test scoring offers a way to achieve peak performance.

What the results mean for you?

Research suggests that early cognitive intervention prevents up to 33% of dementia cases[1]. This leads to improved quality of life and prolonged longevity. The cognitive assessments offered by Because Health help patients and members detect early signs of decline and improve performance.

If your test results are abnormal, this indicates your memory is declining. It may also indicate signs of other serious illnesses such as thyroid disorder, serious vitamin deficiency or even medication side effects. Memory and other mental functions in people with MCI may change over time, with or without treatment.      Tests taken regularly help track your progress. 

Many cognitive issues improve after treatment, and some resolve completely. Other types of cognitive impairment are incurable. With the help of your doctor, you can be referred to another specialist when necessary. However, in most cases, healthy lifestyle changes can assist to postpone and even reverse mental decline. 
Mental training for peak performance is essential to increasing longevity. We’ve collected a wealth of information about your brain. Your memory, thoughts and attitude affect your physical well-being – and vice versa. Because Health’s cognitive tests are available for anyone who wants to improve now.

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